Monday, August 28, 2017

AWI Project: Beginnings - The Rebels

Following on from my post on the British side of the AWI, here are some of the American troops. 1st Maryland, some mounted command, Southern Militia, and some riflemen in hunting shirts (some of the jacket colours are well off, but other than, quite happy with the start!) Again, initially for Muskets & Tomahawks, but working towards Black Powder armies:

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

AWI Project: Beginnings - The British

I must be doing well, 2 posts in a month! :-D

Another project I've been working on over the last few months is the American War of Rebellion (or Independence, depending on how you look at it!) First up, my British forces in the form of the 1st Battalion 71st, 33rd, some mounted commanders, Royal Artillery, and a couple of Hessians. Majority of the figures are Wargames Foundry and Perry Miniatures, with a couple of Warlord (Wargames Factory)

Initially for Muskets & Tomahawks, but to be expanded upon for Black Powder.

Thanks for looking :-)

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sikh War Project: Beginnings.

There seems to be somewhat of a trend running here, that being that I only seem to post once a year! I really must rectify that.

I've been working quite a few projects over the intervening months, with my main one now being one I started a couple of months ago: The 1st Anglo Sikh War using Black Powder. Just for Mudki (Moodkee) alone, I'll need approximately 13 "British" Infantry regiments, 6 cavalry, and 10 artillery batteries. So I certainly have a long way to go!

I'm using Newline Designs' 1:72 Sikh War range for this project. There are still some figures missing, such a Bengal Light Cavalry, Gurkhas, command for the British Dragoons, but there are enough there to be able to play some games. Plus the prices are great!!!!

First up for the British are some Generals, Her Majesty's 16th Lancers, 50th and 80th Regiments, 24th and 26th Bengal Native Infantry and a battery each of Bengal Horse and Field Artillery:

And then some Sikh Fauj-i-ain and some musket armed irregulars:

I'm slowly adding more as each week passes and hope to have enough for a game done in about 2 or  3 months.